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Mayor’s greeting

Ελευθέριος Κυριακίδης, Δήμαρχος Θάσου
Καλωσήρθατε στον διαδικτυακό τόπο του Δήμου Θάσου.Ελευθέριος Κυριακίδης, Δήμαρχος Θάσου

Golden beaches, blonde seashores, picturesque bays, crystal blue waters, olive groves, shady forests, cliffs, rivers and small waterfalls comprise the palette of its nature.. The legend wants it to be Homer’s island of sirens, justifying the fact it has always captivated and continues to charm with its beauty the visitors who approach it. Today, it attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world who visit the island for their holidays every year. Prehistoric and historic sites, archaeological sites of great importance, early Christian basilicas, monasteries, churches, carved iconostasis, mountain villages with traditional architecture, invite the visitor on an exciting journey into the past. The Archaeological Museum of Thassos, one of the most remarkable regional museums in the country named after Polignotus Vagis who was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century, the Festival of Philippi-Thasos which takes place in the island’s ancient theater, festivals and folklore events will offer you mystagogical experience. Modern tourist facilities satisfy the most demanding requirements, all tastes, ages and budgets. One can choose between alternative forms of tourism, tranquility offered by the nature of the island and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the night. Honey, virgin olive oil, thrumpa olives, fresh fish and thassian goat are offered and found fresh throughout hotels and wonderful taverns and restaurants on the island. See, hear, smell, taste, touch Thasos. The smell of pines, thyme and saltiness will accompany the visitor on their fair well journey off the island. The memory of Thasos will become your homer’s siren calling you back to debark on the island of your myth, abandoning the ship of every-day life.



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